Episode 23: Selbu Mittens - Wips and Wool Talk, 2000 Sub Giveaway!


Hello creative friends!  In this episode I continue sharing with you my journey knitting Selbu Mittens all year long - my FOs, WIPs, and wool talk! Soren shaped up nicely, and is eagerly awaiting his mate, Jennie! I also finished the Changing Light shawl - a KAL hosted by my local knitting guild.  Finally, I share a couple of fabric travelers notebooks I created and I share the 2000 subscriber giveaway - an amazing kit you will want to try and win!


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Changing Light Shawl by Jennifer Weissman
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Heart Brooch Mittens
Mittens from West Telemark
Sven and Solveig (aka Soren and Jennie)
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Episode 22: Selbu Mittens, Sven and Solveig, TNs, and More!

Hello my creative friends! Happy 2018.  Join me in this epsiode as I discuss my Selbu mitten-knitting, Sven and Solveig, various KALs, a Flexi-Flip needles review, and much, much more! Join me for Episode 22!


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Episode 21: Colorwork mittens, Needle talk, Christmas Socks, and a KAL for 2018!


Episode 21 is full of mystery and intrigue - nah, not really - but come join me anyway! I discuss my Christmas socks, needles, and color work projects.  All with tips and tricks woven in! I also announce the first ever Treehouse Knits KAL - a "KitAlong!" and announce the winner of our Episode 20 drawing.

Episode 21

KitAlong Information


Cascade Heritage Sock - Wave
Chicagoo, Signature and Addi Needles
Must Stash Yarns Perfect Sock
Addi Flexi Flip Needles
Winterland - by Wenche Roald
Fiber Trends Sock Blockers
Sven and Solveig Kit - Barrett Wool Co
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Episode 20: Giveaway, Coopworth, Lincoln Longwool, Sweaters and Planners!

Lincoln Longwool

Lincoln Longwool

We've made it to 20 episodes! Thanks for joining along with me!  In this episode, we do the usual FOs, WIPs, and acquisitions.  I also discuss my Coopworth and Lincoln Longwool spins.  We talk about a way to make your slippers not so "slippery." I finally talk about my trip to a local fiber mill and share with you my planner! Grab your drink, needles and projects and lets get started!

Episode 20

We also have a "20 episode" giveaway! I mention the "rules" near the end of the podcast.


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Episode 19: Sunset Highway, Colorwork Mittens and Children's Books/Knitting Gift Ideas!


Hello fellow knitters!  In Episode 19, I share with you my finished Sunset Highway, Winterland Mitten, and the start of my Changing Light shawl (a KAL I'm running with my guild - The Greater Grand Rapids Knitting Guild). I also urge you to follow @shershe on Instagram - a really unique blogger who not only knits, but "rescues" vintage photos from thrift stores, and researches the people in the photo's history! Fascinating stuff. Finally, I share with you my ideas for Holiday gifts for the favorite children in your life - combining a children's book with a knitted item that reflects the story.  Hope you'll join me!

You can find me as Treehouse Knits on Instagram, Ravelry, and Facebook

Episode 19


Sunset Highway
Winterland Mittens
Changing Light Shawl
Wool & Honey Sleeping Bear Yarn Club
Shershe - Sherri on Instagram
Childrens' Books mentioned - All Jan Brett Books (The Hat, The Mitten, The Trouble With Trolls, Gingerbread Baby), No Roses for Henry, The Mitten Tree, Amos's Sweater
Patterns mentioned to use as gifts: Little Waiting for Winter Mittens - Susan B Anderson, Jorid Linviks' Big Book of Knitted Mittens, Mukluks by Tin Can Knits, Sheep! by Susan B Anderson, Snowflake Hat pattern by Carissa Browning (free!)