My name is Rachel, and I love to knit! As a child, I attempted to learn how to knit but never really got the "hang" of it.  I spent the next 20 years of my life thinking knitting was too hard for me, until I felt a strong urge to give it a try again.  It clicked!  I have been obsessed with the fiber arts ever since. I love discovering new yarns, stitch patterns, and designs. It also gives me great joy to teach others the craft that I love so much.

Knitting for me is about variety - in project type, yarn, and difficulty level. I always have at least a couple pairs of socks going at the same time - great for social and carpool knitting. I also love to have a few more challenging projects which need focus - colorwork (mittens, hats) and cabled hats are my favorites. Finally, I love to have a sweater or two going - spring and summer are the perfect time for knitting these (in my opinion!) as they will then be ready to wear during the cold, long Michigan winters! My knitting is also enriched when I can trace back the yarn I’m using to the actual sheep and farmer who supplied it. #soulful stash

I have helped co-found a knitting guild affiliated with The Knitting Guild Association. It has been such fun finding other like-minded fiber enthusiasts. We inspire each other! If you find yourself not making enough fiber friends, I highly recommend looking for a local guild or starting one yourself! And if you live in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area, check us out at Greater Grand Rapids Knitting Guild.  

In September 2016 I started a YouTube podcast as a way to connect with more fiber folk around the world and learn about local yarns to me. Join me on The Treehouse Knits Podcast, where I share with you my current and finished projects, tips and techniques, and many other yarnie adventures! I have always wanted to learn more about specific sheep breeds, so I have a segment where we highlight those breeds. My hope through the podcast is that while you knit along with me, you learn some new techniques and ideas, and find some new products that would bring you joy.

 Email: treehouseknits@gmail.com.
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