Episode 20: Giveaway, Coopworth, Lincoln Longwool, Sweaters and Planners!

Lincoln Longwool

Lincoln Longwool

We've made it to 20 episodes! Thanks for joining along with me!  In this episode, we do the usual FOs, WIPs, and acquisitions.  I also discuss my Coopworth and Lincoln Longwool spins.  We talk about a way to make your slippers not so "slippery." I finally talk about my trip to a local fiber mill and share with you my planner! Grab your drink, needles and projects and lets get started!

Episode 20

We also have a "20 episode" giveaway! I mention the "rules" near the end of the podcast.


Treehouse Knits Studio on Etsy
Hanna Kytta - Hanna from Sheep's Alley
Mind the Skulls project bag
Stonehedge Fiber Shepherds Wool
Novita Nalle
Wool & Honey's Sleeping Bear Club
Six and Seven Fiber
Rydraud (Rusty Cardigan)
The Woolly Thistle
Cascade Heritage Wave 
Signature Needles
Rounded Square Toe
Granny Stripes Blanket
Video showing how to make a "magic cake ball" join
Yarn It
Hoof to Hanger Video
Hoof to Hanger Mill
Chic Sparrow Travelers Notebooks
The 1407 Planners
Lights Planner Action
PaperMate Inkjoy