Let me help you begin or move along in your knitting journey! I currently teach knitting in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area through one of the following ways:

  • Scheduled classes - See below for list. If your need is not on the list, I am happy to create a class for you. 
  • One-on-one instruction - please email me at treehouseknits@gmail.com to discuss your needs and my rate.
  • Assistance at your knitting group - I enjoy giving "just-in-time" help to individuals during your knitting group time, moderating a knit-a-long, or giving a presentation on your interests.  Email me at treehouseknits@gmail.com to discuss your needs.


Below are a list of samples classes I can facilitate.  Please contact me at treehouseknits@gmail.com to arrange a class, answer any questions, or create something specific for your needs.  

Learn to Knit (1 Session)
Interested in learning how to knit? In this class I will cover all the basics to get you started.  Learn how to read a basic pattern, cast-on, the knit stitch, and bind off.  I will get you started on a wash cloth project to work on at home. (2 hours)

Learn to Knit 2: Your First Scarf or Hat (2 or 3 Sessions)
You know how to cast on, knit, and bind off.  In this class, we will learn how to purl, use stitch markers, ribbing, and if you’re making the hat, how to decrease stitches and narrow for the top! Come to this class having taken Learn to Knit 1 or equivalent. (4 - 6 hours total)

Beginner (Baby) Sweater (3 Sessions)
Know a baby being born soon or simply want to learn how to knit a raglan-sleeved sweater? In this 3-session class, you will be knitting a worsted weight raglan style baby-sized sweater from the top down.  Pattern is easily customizable and unisex – use solids, stripes, different color button band, make without a hood, short sleeves – the choice is yours.  Once you’ve completed this sweater, you should feel confident to make an adult-sized one! (6 hours total) Come to this class with a few simple knitted projects under your belt. (6 hours total)

Socks 101 (1 Session)
In this 3-hour class, you will learn the basics of sock construction by knitting a tiny sock with fewer stitches and at a larger gauge thank a regular sock.  Once completed, you will have the confidence to give regular socks a go! Come to class with a few simple knitted projects under your belt. (3 hours total)

My First Magic Loop Socks (3 Sessions)
Learn to knit a pair of top-down socks by making a pair of socks or slipper socks using the Magic Loop Technique.  Using sock or worsted weight yarn,  we will learn how to cast on, turn the heel, decrease for the toes, and finish with the Kitchener Stitch. Come to this class comfortable knitting in the round. (6 hours total)

Toe Up, 2 at a Time Magic Loop Socks (3 Sessions)
Do you suffer from “second sock syndrome?” Learn to knit socks two at a time from the toe up, using Judy’s Magic Cast On and the Magic Loop technique. Depending on your comfort level, use sock yarn or worsted-weight yarn (to make a pair of slipper socks.) Come to this class with an understanding of basic sock construction, comfortable working in the round, and familiarity with Magic Loop Technique. (6 hours total)

Socks on 9” Circulars  (3 Sessions)
No more fussing with multiple double pointed needles or laddering! Learn to knit socks in the round on these short needles. We will be making our socks cuff-down, with an after thought heel. Come to this class comfortable knitting in the round. (6 hours total)

Beginner Fair Isle Hat (3 Sessions)

Learn the beautiful technique of Fair Isle Knitting while making this adorable hat.  Joining in the round, adding colors, holding two colors at a time as well as some tips and tricks will be covered.  Prior experience knitting a hat in the round is a plus, but not necessary. (6 hours total